Leicester Smart City FAQ

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – describes a system that can perform tasks associated with human intelligence. In other words, intelligence is demonstrated by machines that replicate the capabilities of a human brain.

Automation – using technology to minimise human input.

Big Data – large and diverse datasets that could be analysed to generate meaningful trends, patterns and actionable insights.

Chatbot – software application that helps to simulate and automate conversation, such that it appears one is communicating with a real person.

Cybersecurity – practice of protecting sensitive information/ electronic data from cyber/ digital attacks.

Data Analytics – analysing or examining data sets to identify trends and formalise descriptive content.

Digitalisation – using digital technologies (electronic tools) to convert information or process into a digital format.

Inclusivity – including all types of people regardless of their difference.

Internet of Things (IoT) – when physical objects collect and exchange data with other systems or devices using the internet to make a smarter and responsive environment.

Low Carbon – less carbon dioxide to fight climate change, helps to save resources and make a healthy ecosystem.

Machine Learning – type of artificial intelligence that allows machines to make decisions by focusing on the use of data and improving with experience.

Prediction – output of an algorithm (set of rules for instance) that is generated with the help of large amounts of data.

Programming – set of instructions and codes that enable a computer to perform desired actions.

Robotics – field that looks into designing, operations and use of robots to perform varied tasks, and these tasks are often repetitive. Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not always require a physical body and not all robots use AI.

Simulation – the action of imitating a real-life situation or operation.

Speech Recognition – use of machine to identify spoken words and convert them into text; in other words, it is a speech-to-text translation.

– ability to maintain a continuity overtime such that humans can co-exist over a long period of time and without compromising the needs of future generations.