Finding the Words for a Unique Proposition

I’m working on my proposition statement, so that I can start to seek out clients and collaborators for any future work I want to engage with. It’s not an easy task, for me at least. As an INFJ I find it difficult sometimes to get an external perspective on what I am able to do and what I need to ensure that other people understand about what I do.

While I am highly reflective of what I’m doing, and perhaps the most self-critical person I know, I can sometimes get locked into a loop that over-thinks my own actions. So it makes it difficult to appreciate the unique approach that I have to issues and problems, and the distinctive style of working that I feel comfortable with.

Luckily, writing is a good way of unlocking my thought process. It gives me an opportunity to figure out some ideas and untangle them from my messed-up mind, and then set them out in a logical and sequential order.

Interestingly for INFJ’s, apparently we are sometimes so focussed on trying to understand our feelings, which are well developed, that we actually inhibit our ability to express our feelings because they can be overwhelming. It turns into a reinforcing loop, and the only way to get out of it is to do something that turns the dial down on thinking, and allows the strong feelings to come out.

I’ve spent most of my professional life working in an environment that focusses on process, structure, logic and concepts, that it’s no wonder that my feeling nature is somewhat under-developed. Don’t worry, I’m not about to busrt into tears on the bus. I usually find that a run and listneing to music on my headphones is a good way of processing the complex and twisted bottle-neck that is the other side of my personality.

So, and this was really the point of this post, if you get a chance to read my propositon statement in the About section, I’d really like to get some feedbak on if it makes sense, is something that others might find interesting, or even if you just think it is a load of old tosh! Twitter is best to reach me and point out my spelling mistakes as well.

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