Distraction Therapy Podcast 009 – Leicester Soundwalk January

I’m starting a new project for 2020. I’m developing a series of podcasts and radio programmes that will be based on soundwalks around Leicester. The idea is to meet up with a guest and to go for a short stroll along a route of their choice. As we walk, in a suitably socially distanced way, I’ll record a conversation. It doesn’t matter what the conversation is about, but we’ll listen to and describe the surroundings.

We often take for granted our walk into work, or to our local shops. We certainly aren’t encouraged to take in the regular sounds that occur along the way, and shape our experiences of them. It could be a walk in the park, or through a busy shopping centre. As long as it prompts some thoughts about where we are, and what it means to the guest.

The only consideration is that we can get to the destination by walking or cycling. As well as the podcast, the discussion is also going to be broadcast on Leicester Community Radio. More details to follow.

If anyone wants to take part send me a message on Twitter, Instagram @robwmedia, or via email rob@robwatsonmedia.net.


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