Distraction Therapy 073 – Distracting Ourselves To Death

The degree to which we need suitable distractions in our lives, is in direct proportion to the level of anxiety that we experience as a result of modern culture, working practices and social expectations. The more media and stuff that we try to cram into our heads, the less we are open to the experience of contemporary living. Ryan Clayton and I sat and chatted over a coffee about what we’ve been distracting ourselves with, and to what extent we can ironically distance ourselves from a culture that is seemingly dissolving and de-socialising around us. We chatted about the prospect of being trapped for a lifetime in routines of business administration and performance management, with expectations of loosing ourselves in the herd. It’s not all doom and gloom, though, because as other generations have figured out, there is always a way we can plot an independent and individuated pathway forward, this time through utilising metamodern ideas of sincere and meaningful aesthetic experience of culture.

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