Distraction Therapy 062 – Travels in Metamodernity

Continuing a set of vague and unspecific wanderings, where I try to form a sense of what metamodernism is in practice, this week’s episode is a mash-up of collected of extracts taken from videos discussing metamodernism on YouTube. Various people talk about metamodernism, and discuss where the concept has come from as a concept, and how metamodernism is being defined against legacy forms of thinking and understanding – modernism and postmodernity. I’ve taken the experts and arranged them in a mash-up, along with some music. I was planning to try to explain and contextualise them, but then I felt that they would be better if they just unfolded and listeners could make of them what they will.

For the full list of videos, I’ve created a playlist, which is available on YouTube.

Music in this episode includes:

The Batman (from “The Batman”) – Michael Giacchino, The Batman (from “The Batman”)
Spiral – Ronit Kirchman, The Sinner: Seasons 2-4 (Original Series Soundtrack)
Form, Function and Friction – The Black Dog, Brutal Minimalism
Sangro River – Neil Cowley, Sangro River
Westerpark – BSS, Suikerplein
Coiling – Blank Gloss, Pop Ambient
Welcome – Jon Hopkins & 7RAYS, Music for Psychedelic Therapy
Rotmilan – Dominik Eulberg, Avichrom
Elysian Heights – Sky H1, Azure

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