Distraction Therapy 061 – Metamodern Amble

This week, Ryan Clayton and I had a stroll around Leicester, and mulled over some terms and reference points for what we think metamodernism could be about based on the environment and the culture that we inhabit. The question of what metamodernism is can’t be answered from a seminar room or in discussions between policy experts. To get to grips with a reorientation of how our culture is being redefined, and to get a clear understanding of what is called the ‘meaning crisis’, we need to get out and about, and witness the world around us. Rather than simply listing facts, what if we start to explore how we can describe what we feel about the cultural times we are living through, based on what we can observe.


New Mexico – Sammy Barbot -Dave Lee’s 2020 Essentials
Legacy – Bronaam – Dreamcatcher
Jimtastic Blues – Greentea Peng – MAN MADE
Brian Eno – Going Unconscious
Roque Baños – The Machinist

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