Distraction Therapy 047 – Walking on The Wildside

I’m obsessed with walking tour videos on YouTube at the moment. I’ve been watching them as a virtual alternative to travelling during the lockdown. I’m also looking at them to learn how they are produced and presented, and the variations in form that they demonstrate. I’m hoping to build-up a picture of how they work, what kind of stories the tell, and why they are relevant as an emerging form of community media.

There are four videos that I want to use as examples in this blog, each recently filmed in a town or city in England. Each has a different approach that signifies a range of related motivations that define their production. The differences between them are subtle, and this is my first attempt at noting these differences. I’m hoping that over time I can build-up a systematic framework of evaluation that gives a sense of the structure and symbolic relevance of this emergent form of media, and why the differences are worth considering and in what way they matter.

Prettiest village in England? Castle Combe virtual walk – Oct 1, 2021

Samuel Rex – Hi!!! am Samuel, I recently picked up interest in creating contents about on events, travels and day to day experiences. I am a Nigerian based in the UK, i will be sharing some of my life stories on my channel and i hope you enjoy watching.

St Helens Town Centre Walk – Jul 13, 2021


Exploring With JB – What’s up everybody it’s JB here I love exploring and travelling. I want to share my journeys with you all as I explore and travel around the UK

Liverpool City Centre Walking Tour – Aug 23, 2021

Relaxing Travles UK – Want to travel & want to feel Relax? Then this channel is for you this “Virtual events” will transport you to the Roads, Parks, shopping malls, Beaches, Jungles, Volcanoes and hidden beautiful spots of World.

Coronation Street Blackpool – Sep 15, 2021

A Walk on the Wild Side – I post walk around video content mainly in my hometown of Blackpool, which looks at different sides of the town from rundown streets to the famous promenade, as well as capturing the various characters along the way. I will include some photography if it is convenient. Sometimes I may venture further than Blackpool to vlog in some far-flung place. Watch and find out.

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