Distraction Therapy 035 – Hope Mens Drop-In

The need for public support as we come out of the lockdown is readily apparent all around us. Men often don’t come forward to ask for help because they are unfamiliar with expressing their emotions and asking for help. Mahesh Hettiarachchi has set up Hope Against Poverty, as a community interest company in Leicester, with the aim of providing social assistance to men as they have been affected by the pandemic. Manesh is working closely with Zinthya Ganeshpanchan and John Coster and Tina Barton to host a series of public engagement cafés, at the Bishop Street Community Cafe in Leicester, where men can drop-in, have a chat over a coffee, and make an appointment to follow-up on any additional help they might need. It was great to hear from people who came to the café, and to learn that there are places where men in particular can go for a chat.

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