Distraction Therapy 032 – May Meadows Walk

Earlier I went for a walk to Aylestone Meadows in Leicester and captured the sound of the birds and wind rustling through the trees. I find these walks are a good way to capture my half-developed thoughts. Today I wanted to try to articulate more of my understanding of the importance of Carl Jung, and the role of depth psychology, and particularly that of the essential role of myth in our lives. One of the reasons that myth is so important in our lives is that are grounded in stories that help us to make sense of the world. These myths change over time, and different societies and cultures have different defining myths. It’s got me thinking about what our myth is and if it has been redirected or reshaped as a result of the pandemic?

Music in this edition includes:

Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe – We’re Coming Back from Rebuilding Paradise OST

Polaris – Zero 7

Within You, Without You – The Beatles

The Main Theme from Bullitt – Lalo Schifrin

Gentlemen Take Polaroids – Japan

Electric Dreams – The Human League

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