Distraction Therapy 031 – Leicester May Day

Wandering around Leicester city centre yesterday, and seeing people return to the cafés and bars left me with mixed emotions. On the one hand I’m dealing with the anxiety of going out to public places after being at home for so long. Then there’s the pleasure that comes with seeing people enjoying one another’s company.

This is helped by people sitting out in the open and sharing the street space rather than being locked away. Finally, there is the overwhelming feeling that we need to find a collective voice for our grief and anguish after so many have lost and sacrificed so much.

Rather than rushing to buy shoes and home accessories, or to get pizza and drink to our returning sense of freedom, we can’t let the feeling of loss, suffering and pain go unacknowledged and unremembered. 2020 should not go down as a lost year. This hasn’t been a dream, it’s been real, and we need to speak about it and record our feelings about it.

Music in this edition, in no particular order includes:

Can You Hear Me? – David Bowie – Young Americans

The Passenger- -Iggy Pop – Lust For Life

For Once in My Life Stevie Wonder

Hit Parade – Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti – Booth And The Bad Angel

Circles – Moon Duo – Circles

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