Decentered Media Podcast 135 – Media Bill and Community Radio Consultation

In this episode, I outline some thoughts about the Media Bill and the danger that it will lead to a homogenisation and centralisation of radio, that will eliminate any remaining local radio stations. I argue that there should be complete separation of content provision between DAB and AM and FM, so that simulcasting is no longer allowed, and the market is opened up so that local independent and community providers can establish services on FM and AM.

I also cover the consultation on the future of analogue community radio, and note that social gain is the primary concern for community media, and that commercial alternatives will come available if the deregulation proposed in the Media Bill comes into force.

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  1. I quite agree that national and local newspapers should be considered in a different class to local radio and community news and it is local radio and community news that is about social gain as their main objects. But how do you make sure they can’t be corrupted? As you know, we have done a lot of talking about an ethical framework, and I have more to say about that.

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