Decentered Media Podcast 070 – Leicester Covid-19 Mutual Aid

The coronavirus lockdown has seen a spontaneous and heartfelt response from ordinary members of the public who want to help and make a difference in their communities. Here in Leicester, the Covid-19 Mutual Aid Group has been working to support, connect and make sure that volunteers across the city are working with the public authorities, universities and businesses to ensure that everyone in the city is safe, feels connected, and has someone to turn to if they need help. We recorded this conversation over Skype, and were joined by Indrani Lahiri, Barbara Turner, Jennie Jordan, Raj Gill-Harrison and Kamla Pattni. We discussed how the mutual aid group came together, what has been achieved so far. We asked what still needs to be done, and we considered what positive stories we will remember as we continue to find ways to support the role of volunteers across the city and beyond.

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