Content and Media

Leicester Stories uses many forms of media and platforms that help to share the concerns and experiences of the people who participate in our discussions and conversations. Community media comes in many forms and styles. We try to use whatever form of media is accessible and easily produced, rather than the most technically proficient or edited. We want to make sharing stories across different platforms as easy as possible, and learn how to improve doing that in the process.

A lot of what we do is based on the use of smartphones, though when we have access to different types of equipment we are able to experiment and try new approaches to help share ideas and stories. There is no right or wrong way to tell stories, only some tips that can help to improve them and to engage with people in different ways that means that the stories are relevant to more people in different ways.

All of the media that we produce is free to share and re-use if you are a non-commercial organisation, and are happy to share your own content in a similar way. Our media is shared under a Creative Commons Licence, all that we ask is that the producers of the media are given a credit and acknowledged in some way for the work that they have done.

We welcome feedback and if you want to share your time and expertise to help our volunteer community reporters to improve their skills in taking photographs, producing graphics, making radio reports and messages, shooting video or writing blogs, we would always be grateful for your support.