Blogging Archive – It’s Amazing What is Still Arround

I’ve revamped my bog a couple of times over the years, usually when I’ve switched hosts. In the process I usually ended up loosing a lot of the content that I’d been posting, as it wasn’t so easy to transfer content from one site to another. After my efforts at developing the Empty Shed blog, I built a blog with the imaginatively titled Rob Watson Media blog. Which is what I’ve kept as my main domain ever since.

Using the Wayback Machine, which is the archive of webpages, I’ve been able to call up some of the early content I was posting. This is where I’d started to use blogging to develop ideas about my teaching and research, and to link to discussions about the relevance of community media. It’s so easy to forget that I’d done all of this, and it’s fascinating to look back at it and wonder what I could have done with it if I’d been more confident about using it for pathfinding?

If there is one thing that I’ve learnt over the last ten years, it’s that we shouldn’t wait for approval or validation from others before we start to write about and make concrete our ideas, concerns and thoughts. If we don’t capture these things as we go along, however insignificant they feel at the time, then we won’t build-up a body of ideas and record of observations that can inform us of what the journey has been like and how we go where we are now.

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