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DIY-DMU Podcast 016 ART-AI Festival

2018-05-02 Rob Watson 0

This week’s DIY-DMU Podcast was recorded at the Highcross Centre in Leicester, where young people were learning about the ART-AI Festival, and how Artificial Intelligence can be used creatively and artistically. John Coster and I chatted with Proffessor Tracy Harwood, from De Montfort University’s Institute of Creative Technology, and with some of her colleagues who […]

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Trusting Community Reporting?

2018-05-01 Rob Watson 0

John Naughton writing in The Guardian makes a very powerful point about the need for trusted sources of information in developing communities. With the use of Facebook as a tool for promoting fake news, which has led to violence in Myanmar and Sri Lanka, Naughton suggests that: We have woken up to Facebook’s pernicious role […]

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Social Media Influencers and Advertising

2018-03-15 Rob Watson 0

It’s often thought that anything goes when it comes to social media, and that we are free to do and say pretty much whatever we want because there is no control. Obviously, this is an unfounded assumption. When we post material online we are subject to the same laws and standards as any other form […]

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Trevor Baylis, Inventor of the Wind-Up Radio, Dies aged 80

2018-03-05 Rob Watson 0

Community media isn’t just about programming, it’s also about the access that we have to different media. The death of Trevor Baylis is perhaps a moment when we can reflect on the contribution that his invention made to understanding, conflict resolution and disaster management around the world, allowing people to listen to radio when they […]

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Community Media and a Stronger Sense of Community

2018-02-21 Rob Watson 0

There are two articles about community and community media that are worth reading from today’s Guardian. The first is a brief account by Anna Bawden of the role of community media in the UK, and the potential for a not-for-profit focus on the new Small Scale DAB proposals. “Lucinda Guy, chair of the Community Media […]